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joint pain relive | Medela Rehabilitation

Initial Assessment

The goal of an initial assessment, whether it's done online or in person, is to figure out how your injuries and your body as a whole are doing so that we can make a programme that works best for you.
Assessment & 1 session package | $100 for Private Drop-In
ICBC/Insurance Expenses Covered

Kinesiology therapy in Abbotsford | Medela Rehabilitation

Kinesiology Session

Whether it's online or in person, this time will be used to teach you about your injury, give you rehabilitating exercises and stretches, and show you ways to reduce or get rid of pain.
Up to 45 minutes | $60 for Private Drop In
ICBC/Insurance Expenses Covered
Group packages are available!
3 for $160 5 for $240
ICBC/Insurance Expenses Covered

ICBC & Private Insurance Coverage | medela Rehabilitation

ICBC & Private
Insurance Coverage

Your insurance company, like ICBC or Private Insurance, may pay for our services. You will be okay to work with us on kinesiology. Please call if you want to know more.
Expenses Covered

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